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Silvana Piga  

Henna Artist and founder

Mixed Media Artist and Founder of

Primal Henna Arts. Silvana has been working as a professional henna artist for 15 years. 

Primal Henna Arts

Fine Body  Art  That Decorates Your Skin Like Jewerly!


We offer two types of body art. Traditional Henna art and Amazonian blue Jagua. Both are non toxic. 


Jagua Body Art
Body art with Jagua is a unique adornment experience. This is non-toxic gel obtained from a citrus like fruit found and used for centuries by Amazon natives. The jagua gel does take longer to dry than henna paste (30-40min) but it can washed off with soap after 3–4 hours. Jagua stains deep blue-black on the skin and it can last up to 3 weeks ! This type of body art is great on arms, legs and shoulders. Jagua VS Henna? 

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Henna Body Art

Red or regular henna is originilly from East Africa and it has a beautiful auburn red tint and its stain can last up to two weeks.

The henna plant is a sweet shrub like tree that produces lovely yellow blooms. Every fall in India, Pakistan, Morocco and Sudan, henna is harvested and sifted into hair dying quality or body art quality powder.

Primal Henna prepares their own henna paste only from high quality and organic ingredients.

Only high grade essential oils are mixed into the paste and are provided by

Fleurs De France, an exclusive body and beauty products company based in Los Angeles,CA.

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Available for

  • Birthdays

  • Bat Mitzvahs

  • Art Fairs & Festivals

  • Corporate Events

  • Baby Showers

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Bridal Ceremonies


$ 125/hour for most events.

$ 140/hour for bridal celebrations.

$ 140/hour for corporate events.

$ 40 and up for individual appointments at my location.

Travel fees outside Santa Cruz proper of $50 RT apply.


Please schedule an appointment at least 24 hours ahead.

No walk-ins please!


  • Primal Henna Arts is available for a free phone consultation.

  • We care for  your henna experience and we are happy to work with the needs of clients and event planners.

  • We are child, family and animal friendly :)

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Schedule for an appointment: 
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©Primal Henna Arts 2021


Primal Henna Arts is founded by Silvana Piga, a long time resident to Santa Cruz County and to California.

Originally she came from Italy and and she has traveled with her work to many parts of the world. She is trained in multiple mediums of art, including:




Mixed Media Painting,


Graphic design and

Art History.


Silvana adopted henna art while traveling and sharing her love for painting in the form of unique travel paintings made with guache on watercolor paper.  She spent some time in a small village near Aswan, Egypt. There she was introduced to Nubian and Arabic designs.

She loves creating the traditional Indian Mogul patterns, but her favorite henna disigns are inspired by 1930's art noveau's vine work.

Henna design continues to inspire her love for art combined with her appreciation of Egyptian and Indian cultures.  15 years of professional henna artistry introduced Silvana to hundreds of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Primal Henna Arts enjoys bringing her work to arts and crafts shows and to a myriad of private events in vicinity to Santa Cruz, Monterey and the San Francisco Bay Area.Silvana as









Fun fact!

 Henna paste was first used in ancient Egypt?
Yes, before it migrated to Mughal Empire era India. Ancient wall frescos have been discovered in tombs in which women's hands are shown with henna. .
Mummies are found with henna in their hair and nails.Today, henna  is still an important part of the Egyptian culture.

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