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Elegant  Body  Art  That Decorates Your Skin Like Jewelry!

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 Jagua Body Art now available! Try the deepest indigo blue stain.

Body art with BLUE JAGUA is an  All nont-toxic  gel from a citrus like fruit found and used for centuries by Amazon natives. The gel leaves a deep blue-black stain on the skin that can last up to 3 weeks . Satisfies ink tattoo envy.

Primal Henna Arts is available to come to your......

  Birthday Parties

  Bridal  Henna 

  Baby Shower                                   

  Bachelorette Gatherings                             

  Festivals and Craft Shows         

  Henna  Workshops                       

  Bar Mitzvahs   

  School  Graduation    










A Little About Us

Silvana Piga  

Henna Artist and founder

Mixed Media Artist and Founder of

Primal Henna Arts. Silvana has been working as a professional henna artist for 15 years. 


Dane Argentieri

Video and Photography

Dane is a professional photographer and video producer. Together with Primal Henna Arts, much of the photo portfolios are made. Check out more of his work at

Primal Henna Arts is founded by Silvana Piga, a long time resident to Santa Cruz County and to California.

Originally she came from Italy and and she has traveled with her work to many parts of the world. She is trained in multiple mediums of art,  which include:



Interior design painting,

Classical Painting (abstracitions /the human figure),

Photography , and

Graphic design (Illustrator, Photoshop and Anime').

She holds an Associate degree in Art History.

She adopted henna art while traveling with her art cards. Through Henna design, Silvana continues to apply her love for art and its rich cultural history. After 15 years of being a professional artist, she has met thousands of people during the arts and crafts shows she partakes in and  through private events . She spent some time in a small village of South Egypt, where she was introduced to Nubian and Arabic designs. She also applies some of the traditional Indian Mogul patterns, but her favorite henna disigns are inspired by 1930's art noveau's vine work.


The henna paste is home made with all organic ingredients .

Only high grade essential oils are mixed into the paste and are provided by

Fleurs De France,  an exclusive body and beauty products company based in Los Angeles,CA. that specializes in high grade lavender and eucalyptus essential oil products.




Starting at a minimum of

$ 125 per hour for events and a mininum of $ 40 for individual appointments at the artist's studio location.

An appointment is required 48 hours ahead.

Please no drop- ins !

Primal Henna Arts is available for  a free consultation in regards to anything  you would like to  know about the service and /or personal budget because we care for  your henna experience.

We are child, family and animal friendly.

By appointment only !      

 Henna paste was first used in ancient Egypt?

Yes, ancient wall paintings have been discovered within tombs which show women's ands red with henna paste and mummies with the red of the henna paste. Today, henna  is still an important part of the Egyptian culture.

Fun fact!

By appointment only !      
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